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Making your building efficient and environmentally sustainable; save energy and cost

Sustainability is all about reducing the impact of the building on the environment throughout its life. This can involve many trade offs such as design (site orientation), materials (insulation), construction standards (air tightness), choice of building services (heating), renewables (solar) to name a few. A well specified and designed building will typically cost less to build, have lower running costs and be more comfortable to live in.


Atlas Controls will model the heat loss and susceptibility to summer overheating of a building design. Depending on how early we are engaged in the project we can help with building system specification (material selection), or focus on specifying the appropriate mechanical system for heating and cooling a building and compliance with regulations.

"Making our home eco-friendly was a priority for us and Atlas Controls helped that happen"

Mrs Jones

Mechanical design

Keep comfortable in summer and winter with bespoke heating, hot water and ventilation service designs

From the building energy modelling it is possible to specify the mechanical systems for heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water. Atlas Controls have experience of commercial and domestic buildings, both the refurbishment of traditional buildings as well as new builds. Generally the focus for existing buildings is heating systems and heating controls. With new buildings the focus becomes the ventilation system, the increased chance of overheating and the likelihood that hot water, not heating is the biggest use of energy in the building.


Atlas Controls design mechanical systems appropriate for your building. These can include heating systems such as underfloor heating, infrared radiators etc; hot water systems and ventilation systems. These are based on the heat loss calculations, how the building is likely to be used and your requirements.

"It was so nice to finally speak to someone who understood buildings and how they actually work"

Smart building control

Simple, holistic and affordable automation. Safeguard your building and its occupants

We are experts in design and installation of smart buildings. Buildings have become more complex with multiple systems running throughout the building (such as heating, possible cooling and ventilation control, lighting, security and often others such as windows, shading, entertainment or access control).


A correctly specified control system will unite all these systems by sharing data from sensors and controllers between all building services. Not only is this cheaper, but it is significantly simpler to install, use and maintain.

Good control systems will collect data which is not only used to monitor your building for faults and problems, but is also able to fine tune the systems to increase overall efficiency.

"Atlas Controls provided my electrician with all the support he needed for a smooth installation of my smart home - I am saving energy each day"