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SMART CONTROL for all your building services

Mechanical and electrical systems in your home need to be controlled.


Smart control ensures maximum efficiency of each system, reduces running costs and improves your comfort....and it's great fun!


Let your building run in the background. Using Atamate software, take immediate control in each room via the Haze light switch. Have complete web control both inside and outside the building, or log on for real-time information. Easily organise future events via any iCal (calendar) software, with alerts on alarms sent to you via text or email.


We control all building services and integrate them so that your building performs perfectly. This is achieved by sharing building data wherever it is needed. As such one sensor can be used for security, ventilation and lighting controls instead of installing three separate systems. Living in the building is also much more intuitive, as there is only one place to go to control your whole building.


The Energy Saving Trust suggest upgrading controls can lead to 18% saving on energy cost. The installation cost can be much more affordable than many people think, especially when replacing numerous separate systems with one complete system. The key way to drive down costs is good design.



We design smart control of all heating systems from fast response infra-red to slower response underfloor heating. Well-designed heating keeps occupants comfortable and saves energy and money whilst reducing the environmental impact of your building.



All types of lighting circuit and all types of light fitting can be included in a lighting design. Design of lighting includes lighting control e.g. lighting scenes or presets.



Atlas Controls are experts in designing ventilation systems for low energy buildings. Keeping air quality high, maintaining building fabric and smart controls are key for good ventilation design. In low energy buildings ventilation and heating are closely linked and as such should not be designed in isolation.

Hot Water


Incorporating heat pumps and other sources of heating hot water is simple with Atlas Controls design and control. Improve the efficiency of traditional hot water systems saving you energy and money.

Energy monitoring


We monitor incoming electric supply, solar PV, electric circuits, heating supply/circuits (heat-meters) and gas and water consumption. This information can be displayed instantaneously or for billing purposes if MID approved meters are used.

Entry and access


Remotely monitor and allow access to your property and integrate gates, garage doors, normal doors, intercoms, keypads and CCTV into your smart building.

Windows and shading


Controlling windows, curtains and blinds is not only convenient for occupants, but plays a big part in controlling ventilation and overheating. 



Atlas design fire detection systems for buildings and can integrate other electrical systems in with them e.g. lighting and access control



Atlas Controls integrate CCTV cameras into homes or commercial buildings to control access or as part of a wider security system. See CCTV images on your smart device and integrate gates and doors to allow visitors access even when you are away from home.


​Design and integration of third party security systems. Perimeter or building security system included on layouts with associated sensors. Peace of mind for you and your occupants.

Swimming pools


Automate heating, sterilisation and care of your pool or spa. Link to your calendar to ensure that the water is perfect for the weekend pool party.

Garden sprinklers


Link garden sprinklers with moisture sensors and weather forecasts to save water and ensure your garden looks great all year around. Calendarise automated watering schedules save time and inconvenience.



Atlas Controls will design in a whole house audio system, TVs and cinema rooms. Conference rooms and commercial spaces are also accommodated.

Small power


Design of small power in a property including media wall sockets, position and number of 13AMP sockets throughout the building and cooker outlets.



Drawings will include the design of any networking around the building. This consists of wireless access points, network access points and other communication requirements.