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Smart, fun and efficient

Full design service

Atlas Controls takes care of all your mechanical and electrical designs. These are needed to ensure your home works holistically and all systems communicate seamlessly with each other.

The smart home for you

On site installation support, commissioning and handover, ongoing support

Mechanical systems will have been specified already by us or by clients. Electrical designs include control of all these as well as smart home features. Atlas Controls installs Atamate smart controls.


  • Atamate is holistic - it controls all the building services and shares the data between services, creating efficiencies.

  • It is simple to install, use, live with and maintain.

  • It is affordable, often working out cheaper than installing the multiple conventional systems it replaces. When specified at the beginning of a project we can have an even greater impact on costs by allowing much simpler and cheaper building services to used.

Your new home should be fun and enjoyable as well as efficient and convenient

The smart home for you

We work with you to provide an electrical design that ensures all the elements of your building are controlled appropriately

Multi-room audio is simple to integrate, and cinema rooms incorporate lighting, curtains and TV for that full movie experience.

As well as great lighting scenes to suit each room, you can add lighting outside to illuminate a garden or terrace.

Sprinklers and other garden watering systems can work in conjunction with moisture sensors. If you have had very wet weather, the sensors will pick this up and the sprinklers will not come on. Tailoring your watering to different parts of your garden and using external weather forecasting are bonus features that smart technology can give, saving you money and reducing excessive water usage.


Simple control of heating and maintaining a swimming pool or spa is made possible with integration of alternative heating sources such as solar or heat pumps.


Security and entry systems are easily integrated giving you peace of mind whether home or away. CCTV and intercoms systems are used to let in visitors or to communicate within your house.

Atamate hardware pricelist

"Atlas Controls provided my electrician with all the support he needed for a smooth installation of my smart home - I am saving energy each day"